“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates

Maya Pilates is ideal for general physical fitness as well as countless rehabilitation related issues such as chronic backpain, shoulder impingement, and many other pain related conditions associated with an injury or poor posture. The Pilates method is based on a safe and gentle approach at moving the body and is appropriate for any age and physical fitness level.

Studio owner Maya Pilates is a certified Polestar practitioner and is a Polestar mentor-in-training. Her studies and current on going training are based in Singapore where she first completed her certification.

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Maya Pilates is a spacious modern studio with a clean look and feel. Clients practice or not with state of the art pilates equipment and accessories. Beautiful greenery outside the large studio windows adds a calming element to the space.


Pilates helps deepen our connection between our mind and body so that we can move more intelligently or efficiently. By applying Joseph Pilates’ principles we learn to access deeper stabilising muscles creating better alignment for overall functional movement.


Fusing physio therapy with Pilates creates a gentle active therapy approach for a past or current injury, surgery or chronic pain recovery. Ideal for clients that are looking to restore their functional movement.

why pilates

“in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body” -Joseph Pilates

So much of our time is spent sitting or in spine flexion between work days behind a desk, driving a car, or texting. Pilates creates improved awareness of our overall alignment and posture.
Regular practice creates long, lean, toned muscles with improved stability, flexibility, and balance. The ideal approach to reduce risk of injury and achieve results at a much more profound level.


Fitness screenings

Offered to all private clients at the start of their program regime. The screening looks at a clients strength mobility flexibility balance etc…and a customised comprehensive 15 week programs then created to address personal goals and needs.

Scoliosis Screening

Available to clients who have been formally diagnosed with Scoliosis. The screening allows the practitioner to create a tailored program for the client with the aim of elongating the spine and provided pain relief.


Polestar Pilates is a science-based, holistic approach to health that recognises each person physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. It proudly declares its mission to reduce disease, enhance vitality and increase the critical mass of healthy, peaceful people in the world.
The Polestar Pilates method fuses Pilates and physical therapy into a comprehensive approach to the Pilates repertoire. It applies the science and evidential component to the teaching in order to help practitioners to restore, achieve or excel in physical movement. 


Semi Private Reformer


Private Mixed Equipment

Mat Classes (min. 3 to 6 persons max)


Maya Pilates Testimonial Celine Masson
Celine Masson, Phuket

Amazing energy in this beautiful studio ! Highly recommended to all the pilates lovers.


Maya Pilates Phuket Thailand Testimonial 02
Fabrizia Bozzo, Italy

I went to Maya Pilates because of a sacral hernia, and not only Maya treated the pain, but I liked it so much that I keep going. Maya is an inspired and passionate teacher, highly recommended!


Maya Pilates Phuket Thailand Testimonial Memo
Memo Zack, Rawai Thailand

Spinal Stenosis – Painful, annoying and at times debilitating. After more than 15 years of living with it, and trying all sorts of treatments, I happily accepted Maya’s offer to apply her clinical & thorough knowledge of my condition, and use Pilates to help reduce my pains. With lots of patience and a variety of exercises the mobility and flexibility of my body have increased, and with it the severity of my pains have decreased. Thank you Maya, and I am looking forward to our next session.


Maya Pilates Phuket Thailand Testimonial 01
Collette Miki Edouard, Phuket

Excellent facility in the south of the island. Brand new equipment imported from the best provider in the region. Excellent teacher giving clear and simple instructions making you feel rejuvinated after a class. I recommend this for an alternative to high intensity work outs or as an add on.


Maya Pilates Phuket Thailand Testimonial 01
Sophie Cot, France

I had a back surgery in 2014 when i was living in Thailand and it took me 1 year before being allowed to exercise again, which was a big relief for me as i used to be very active. Unfortunately, my surgeon told me that I will never be able to practise yoga or running again, and I should rather practise walking and swimming.But I heard about Pilates and a very knowledgable Pilates teacher.1 year after my first session with Maya in 2016 (2 years after my surgery), i was so happy to start practising yoga again. And in 2017, i ran my first 10 kms race. If you decide to take a Pilates classes with Maya, you will not regret it. You will be in safe hands. Maya is an amazing professional, attentive, friendly, passionate teacher. My only regret : that Maya is not living in France to keep following her amazing Pilates classes.Thank you again Maya for your amazing work with me !


Maya Pilates Phuket Thailand Testimonial Hana
Hannah Ronen, Tel Aviv Israel, Age 83

“Maya, I want to thank you from all of my heart for the incredible sessions we had together to help me and my body when I was visiting in Phuket. Our appointments were always very professional and focused to gently help my body move better. (I am 82). Thank you again. I await for the next time.”

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